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 Wood Fired Oven

Fresh Dough 

  Fresh Cheese

Fresh Ingredients 


We are using the world's best wood fired authentic Italian brick oven set and the freshest ingredients Our oven heats up over 900 Degrees.the wood provides the pizza with a wholesome aroma that cannot be achieved with other types of cooking; it creates a unique and wonderful smoky flavor through the open flame of the burning walnut or almond and oak wood, the intense heat it generates and the direct contact between the dough and the stones

(as opposed to pan fried pizza).


























Our salad dishes are made to order using the same fresh ingredients found on our pizzas creating a unique salad experience for our guests

Our dough is freshly made daily according to our own recipe,

involving a special flour imported directly from Italy which produces this unique combination of crunchiness and softness.

























We use the finest Italian ingredients we can get our hands on such as actual sea salt from Italy  

we use an authentic Italian curd to make our fresh, hand made mozzarella.


We bake our Pizza toppings in our wood-fired oven, Red and Yellow peppers, zucchini, eggplants, sausage...all is freshly baked daily and the aroma is just amazing...we do not use any sort of frozen or ready made toppings. 

























This enables us to create your dream pizza from start to finish in about 3 minutes. 

Actual cooking time is normally under 90 seconds.  This new concept of a wood fired pizza in orange county has brightened the mood of the everyday pizza eating experience. Time to share this one of a kind experience with the world. 








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